Our services are designed to enrich the experience of psychosocial interventions for mental and neurodevelopmental health interventions for growth. This is done through a combination of evidence-based, culturally relevant traditional and alternative therapies, and trauma-informed, therapeutic-practice-based programs. As a center, we aim to create spaces of care through the personalized care and concern of our highly professional and trained facilitators and therapists who offer our services and programs. We are staunch advocates for the power of an arts-oriented approach to self-care, mental wellness, and resilience.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Medium to long-term therapy through culturally-relevant, client-appropriate and safe therapeutic approaches, in collaboration with psychiatrists for pharmacotherapy where applicable.

Creative Therapies

Creative Therapies are forms of Psychotherapy where multiple art modalities and expressive arts-based approaches are at the center of the healing process. With the help of a trained clinician, can help individuals reconnect with their inherent ability to self-heal and shape their own lives within a therapeutic relationship.

Mindworks Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive computer based training program to improve brain function by working with brain waves. ​In doing so, neurofeedback works with precision on specific parts of the brain, such as those with associated functions such as speech, memory, pain, calmness, motor functions, decision making, focus, and many more. ​

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is therapy that addresses issues in and focuses on the improvement of specific behaviors. Behavior includes communication, social skills, learning habits, attention and memory, motor skills, and hygiene. Addressing such behaviors can improve activities for daily living, and the main context of the client’s occupation, such as the school or the workplace.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy works with your child to develop and maintain daily living and working (learning) abilities, through the development of cognitive, sensory, physical, and motor skills. OT can also support and rehabilitate ADHD, ASD, and other delays in early development caused by trauma, injury, and physical disability.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy helps a child develop and maintain communication, language, and oral abilities through developing or rehabilitating articulation, fluency, resonance/voice, expression and comprehension, oral feeding, and other delays in early development.

Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment is an evaluation of an individual’s intellectual, emotional, and behavioral functioning. Results and succeeding recommendations from the assessment process can help an individual understand their strengths and weaknesses, identify what part of their functioning needs support, and plan for any interventions or professional support needed.