Creative therapies at MAGIS practice a non-intrusive, expressive arts approach that focuses on an individual’s strengths, creativity, and communication skills to process issues or address areas of development.

It’s most important to note that the Creative Therapies do not require artistic skill. We at MAGIS also advocate that everyone is inherently creative – and the therapies listed here make it a point to emphasize that.

The Creative Therapies also do not require a disposition of disorder or disability – they can be considered as supplemental process to help maintain a sense of wellbeing and develop a practice of self-care.


Art Therapy

Art Therapy encourages free creative expression. A person’s thoughts and emotions can be made tangible through art-making, and from there, be further explored and processed. This process can uncover potential unconscious themes in a person’s life, that he/she may not have been aware of.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a process in which a psychologist encourages wellbeing and healing through the intentional use of musical instruments, movement and rhythm, and the performing and visual arts. Music Therapy at MAGIS is available for all ages, and group or family therapy is also available.


Beginning Therapy

Both types of therapy begin with an initial evaluation, which concludes with an evaluation meeting with the client (client’s parents if client is below 18). A number of sessions will be recommended, in which goals are set to be achieved.