About Us

MAGIS Creative Spaces is a center for healing and learning through the expressive arts. As a center, we aim to create spaces of care through the personalized care and concern of our highly professional and trained facilitators and therapists who offer our services and programs. We are staunch advocates for the power of an arts-oriented approach to self-care, mental wellness, and resilience.

MAGIS as a community also aims to increase the accessibility of opportunities for wellbeing to all sectors in society. Our services and programs are designed to enrich the experience of psychosocial interventions for mental and neurodevelopmental health interventions for growth. This is done through a combination of evidence-based, culturally relevant traditional and alternative therapies, and trauma-informed, therapeutic-practice-based programs.


We offer safe, creative, healing spaces of care. We create safe spaces of care to honor every individual’s and community’s inherent capacity to heal, grow, and transform his or her life.


We envision a society where safe, creative and culturally relevant spaces of care for individuals, families, communities and organizations are accessible and affordable to all.

The Expressive Arts Approach

The expressive arts (EXA) approach emphasises the value and beauty of the human soul, and its ability to transform, shape the world, and rise above conflict

The expressive arts as a field is founded on the principle of poiesis, or Greek for “knowing by making.” It is one of Aristotle’s three ways of learning: theoria, praxis, and the last one is poiesis. Practice in the field is characterized by a heightened sensitivity of the senses to existing phenomena or experience, and the response to the invitation to “make” or create coming from an inherent sense of agency that exists even in circumstances that may appear to have minimal resources. With a specific attunement and sense of presence to both process and the actual emergent “third” or art piece the practice is an approach that is applicable in various contexts such as therapy, education, coaching, consulting, peacebuilding and social transformation.

The expressive arts (EXA) approach emphasises the value and beauty of the human soul, and its ability to contribute to transforming and shaping the world, and to rise above conflict through its inherent creative abilities and inner wisdom. EXA engages all artistic modalities including visual art, music, dance, movement, drama, and poetry. While fields such as music therapy, art therapy, or dance therapy exist individually, EXA as its own field encompasses all art modalities.

The Approach in Practice

We have space to breathe and discover.
Our programs and services are carried out on-site. This includes a range of creative classes, therapy services, and tailor-fit psychosocial programs that encompass said range of services.

We can come to you.
We can design the implementation of a program or service according to your needs, even if that entails bringing our bag of tricks elsewhere. This may come in the form of a talk, workshop, team-building sessions, off-site therapy services, and psychosocial programs.