MAGIS Creative Spaces is a center for creative education, therapies, and consulting for wellbeing, learning, and healing in different contexts. We serve individuals, groups, and communities.

The Expressive Arts Approach


The expressive arts (EXA) approach emphasises the value and beauty of the human soul, and its ability to transform, shape the world, and rise above conflict through its inherent creative abilities and inner wisdom. EXA engages all artistic modalities including visual art, music, dance, movement, drama, and poetry. While other fields such as music, art, or dance therapy are specialized, EXA integrates the use of all art forms.

We have space to breathe and discover.
Our programs and services are carried out on-site. This includes a range of creative programs, restorative and preventive therapies, and tailor-fit psychosocial programs that encompass said range of services.

We can come to you.
We can design the implementation of a program or service according to your needs, even if that entails bringing our bag of tricks elsewhere*. This may come in the form of a talk, workshop, team-building sessions, and psychosocial programs.

* Please note that some therapy services are not appropriate for program design and/or taking off-site.