Therapeutic Yoga

Beginning Sessions

Therapeutic Yoga begins with an intake form where you will be asked to share some details about your personal history and your experience with yoga, if any. If you are unsure of how to begin with getting mental health support through Therapeutic Yoga, sign up for a free 15-minute consult with trauma-informed yoga educator, Ivy Hapitan.

Client Journey

  1. After a free 15-minute consult, the Yoga Educator will confirm if it would be appropriate for you to continue with Therapeutic Yoga sessions. Alternatively, you may be referred by another mental health clinician within MAGIS, if it is more suited to address your concerns.
  2. In starting Therapeutic Yoga, you will complete an intake form that covers personal history, preferences in communication style, and any history with a yoga practice, wellbeing goals, among others. These details are completely confidential and only used as a reference for conducting sessions with you. It is important that the form is answered thoroughly and thoughtfully, so it is encouraged that you take 1–3 days to answer it. 
  3. Regular 45–60 minute sessions are scheduled in regular intervals agreed upon with you within your first few sessions. 
  4. At any point in your series of sessions, adjustments to your treatment plan may be discussed, in your best interests.

How to get ready for a Therapeutic Yoga session

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. Buttons on the abdomen area of shorts or leggings are discouraged. 
  2. Try your best to find a space that is private or where you are comfortable to move your body and reflect on your personal concerns.
  3. Equipment is not usually required. In case there are sessions where it is encouraged, you will be informed in advance and the Yoga Educator may also ask about what resources you have available at home.

About Therapeutic Yoga at MAGIS


18 years and above

What do we do?

Therapeutic Yoga is designed to make a life-preserving and life-enhancing yoga practice accessible to all people of age, promoting mindful strength and practical flexibility. No prior yoga experience is required to try Therapeutic Yoga.

In Therapeutic Yoga, individuals receive customized support in addressing and coping with a range of issues, including: 

  • Pain management for physical conditions/ailments
  • Mental health issues
  • Women’s health and wellbeing
  • Sexual health

As a body-based, trauma-informed practice, Therapeutic Yoga can also help individuals build up the body awareness and strength in body-mind integration to nurture their own personal wellbeing habits.

How do we do it?

Sessions are client-centered and in the beginning you are encouraged to articulate, in whatever capacity you have, your primary concerns or issues, a background about yourself, and even feedback on the practices experienced in a session. This information is important to inform the Yoga Educator of a program that is customized for your needs.

Therapeutic Yoga with Ivy Hapitan has been designed with a range of approaches informed by over a decade of experience and training in yoga therapy, yoga instruction, and health counseling. Tools used in yoga such as breathing techniques, meditation, and poses for strength and flexibility may be used depending on how the Yoga Educator creates a plan to address your concerns.

Weekly sessions over a period of at least four weeks can begin to address basic concerns. The Yoga Educator’s goal is to improve your wellbeing over a defined period of time, working with you closely to develop self-leadership skills that can be incorporated into your daily routine to maintain health and wellbeing.

With an allied healthcare approach, it is not uncommon for the Yoga Educator for this service to work with referrals from psychological or other healthcare professionals, and align to any diagnoses or treatment prescribed by these professionals.

Online Services

Therapeutic Yoga is currently available as an online service, through secure online platforms.

About the Provider

A certified Yoga Therapist, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga teacher, Ivy conducts classes that integrate her insights from counseling experience to provide a safe space for anyone who would like to elevate their own well-being. Living by the philosophy of “compassion in action”, Ivy’s mission is to help underserved populations. This has inspired her to weave her knowledge in evidence-based and trauma-informed yoga therapy, stress management, mental health, addiction recovery, mindfulness and behavior change in the way she teaches. 

She has completed modules on Chronic Illness, Cancer Care and Palliative Care with Wisdom Institute under the guidance of Chandrika Gibson (ND MWell C-IAYT). 

She is currently completing a trauma-informed yoga module with Mei Lai Swan of Yoga for Humankind while also studying a diploma course on Substance Use Intervention under the guidance of Verna Felipe in SPACE Benilde. 

Ivy brings an embodied presence in her class that she hopes will help students befriend their bodies.