Speech Therapy

Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Services at MAGIS involves an interdisciplinary team of providers working to help each child his or her full potential.

Beginning Therapy

Before registering for any neurodevelopmental therapy session with MAGIS, a report from a developmental pediatrician is required. You may choose to schedule one through MAGIS and its affiliate developmental pediatricians, or book your own appointment with your preferred hospital or clinic.

For assessment purposes and further observation, home or school visits may be recommended to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a child’s day-to-day environment.

Client Journey

  1. Developmental Pediatrician Appointment and referral for services
  2. Schedule an Initial Evaluation with MAGIS
  3. Initial Evaluation
  4. Regular sessions
  5. Other sessions arranged as needed: parent-teacher conferences, home/school visits.

About Speech Therapy at MAGIS


2 – 12

What do we do?

Helping children develop and maintain communication and language abilities.

How do we do it?

Evaluation, planning, and implementation of a program focused on habilitation and rehabilitation of pediatric cases.

Intervention Focus

Skills development, rehabilitation in articulation, fluency (such as stuttering), resonance/voice, expression and comprehension, oral feeding, and other delays in early development caused by trauma, injury, or physical disability.

Online Services

All forms of therapy mentioned above are available as teletherapy, through secure online platforms. We also have additional online services to suit different needs and circumstances.

Written Home Intervention Plan + 1 Online Mentoring Session
This package is 1 Home Intervention Plan valid for one month; and also includes 1 consultation session between parent and therapist, to walk through the Plan in detail and address any concerns, challenges, and issues raised.

Written Home Intervention Plan
A written document that contains one month’s worth of activity suggestions, worksheets, and home recommendations based on the child’s current therapy management. Also supports carryover of therapy sessions at home.

Weekly Online Sessions
Weekly home-based therapy sessions held online that require the collaboration between therapist and a parent/guardian to effectively implement therapeutic activities for the child.