The range of therapies at MAGIS cater to ages 2 and up. Depending on the service, client/s may be served as an individual, in groups, or as a family.

Find out more about each type of therapy and other psychological services in the following pages:

Creative Therapies – Art Therapy, Music Therapy

Developmental Therapies – Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy

Counseling – for Teens, Adults, and Families


Psychological Assessments

These assessments that target cognitive, emotional, and social abilities and capacities of children and adults, yielding information and insights that may be integrated into educational, social, or therapeutic goals.

These are arranged through referrals by appointment.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Assessments that include the overall history of a child’s development, including but not limited to medical, social, and psychological functioning. It primarily deals with how the brain functions thus affecting the individual’s general performance.

Psychoeducational Assessment

Assessments which focus on the psychological aspects of learning, thus, affecting the academic performance of an individual. It includes intelligence, language, and mathematical skills, memory and attention, and other executive functioning skills.