The Open Studio

The Open Studio at MAGIS is a regular space and time to explore and cultivate a personal creative process. We created this space with the belief that the expressive arts can help reintegrate the therapeutic capacity in our day-to-day, through our personal experiences, the experience of community, and journeying with others.

The Open Studio is run by artists and expressive arts therapists. No prior creative arts experience is necessary, only a willingness to engage in the creative process and an openness to surprises. Curiosity is very much welcome in this creative sanctuary.

Session objectives
  • Provide a shared space for exploring creativity and art making for healing and discovering new dimensions of well being
  • Provide opportunity for cultivating a personal creative process and holistic practice, integrating all senses and parts of the body, interconnecting all mediums
  • Provide a regular space and time to process emotions, reactivating our sense of agency and ability to respond to life experiences
Session Details

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sessions will be held in a secure Zoom meeting session.

Registration Fee

Inquire with our team about running Open Studio for your group or organization.

Materials needed

Prepare any materials you have available and want to use. You may be inspired to use anything within your home environment, including objects.