Fr. Joseph Neonbasu, pastoral services

Oh it’s really good to be able to go back into you know my… not just childhood [in] particular. Those days where— especially during the ministry. I always try to give, give, give, and then not really reflecting on my own life.

And so that’s why when we started it’s hard for me to enter into that. Because I seem to have forgotten about that, or it seems. It’s hard to go back there. Because for us it’s just God there. But this is really helping me to be able to go into my own self and just to listen to my own self. Especially, listen to that cry that’s really in need of attention and care which is really, really good. This week has really been helping to better— to listen to my own life. Listen to my own self, you know that—trying to tap into it. Which is really really good for me to do that.

You know some other thing is to be able to go and journey again? Journey again that— you know my ‘little self’ there which, sometimes, I forget about… try to walk with him and be a friend to him in my journey. It’s really good for me.

[So the body map was especially moving for you?]

Yes. Moving. It was really moving to be able to see and address it. Like “Wow. He is really in need of that accompaniment.”

Yeah. Accompaniment in the journey.

September 06, 2019
The Aesthetics of Self-Care workshop with MAGIS Creative Spaces
East Asian Pastoral Institute (EAPI), Ateneo de Manila University