Fr. Leronio Sili Vodivodi, education

Yes, Overall, the module on Aesthetic Self Care was really helpful at least for me personally. It was an important and serious topic but your [MAGIS’] approach and how the team facilitated it was just awesome. I admire the confidence and fortitude displayed by your young team to lead a group much older and you kept composed, relax and peaceful in the way you came across.

I find the activities creative, effective, non-confrontational, lots of fun and relaxing. It just invites us the participants to fully engage and open to receive and to open to share our stories..The most effective activity was conversing with my sketch body on the large paper. It was an amazing experience. You don’t mind me using that in my own lessons…lol

I find the module fitting to engage the youth back home especially tertiary students particularly in the area of vocation promotion.

September 15, 2019
The Aesthetics of Self-Care workshop with MAGIS Creative Spaces
East Asian Pastoral Institute (EAPI), Ateneo de Manila University