Sabrina Ongkiko

We [at Culiat Elementary School] can never thank you enough for your generosity – naramdaman po namin yung care niyo po sa amin through the sessions. We will never forget that there are people who are willing to give us their time, effort, and skill. Salamat po ulit for creating a space for us to … Continue reading Sabrina Ongkiko

Amicassa Process Solutions

Amicassa is very grateful for the time and knowledge you have shared to all our employees. Your valuable insights became very beneficial in guiding our employees toward self-exploration and creativity, as well as introducing them to expressive arts.


On Open Studio: Uber grateful for the safe space to create and just be. Met such wonderful people who, a mere 2 hours ago, were complete strangers but by the end of the session, it felt like we had been friends for years.


I was very happy to have participated in this [Duyan support group] session. At first it could be a bit intimidating and difficult to open up but the therapist and the other participants were so kind, welcoming and empathetic. It’s good to remember that this is meant to help you move forward and be in … Continue reading Sabrina