Home Heals: growing with Safe Haven Community Center & Children’s Home


The Need

Psychosocial and neurodevelopmental support for children aged 4–18, who have experienced trauma, stress, and are working through learning challenges.

The Response

An integrative and child-centered home therapy program that offers psychosocial development through expressive arts groups, and neurodevelopmental support through occupational therapy and speech therapy.


  • 18 children supported through an expressive arts-based psychosocial group program, and individual therapies and assessments


We believe there is more than one way to approach wellbeing and psychosocial development. This belief has been honed and continues to evolve especially because of our work with children. Children today live in a complex and volatile world that is unknown to our own childhood experiences. The way children are supported needs to evolve, too. Our work with the partner centers of Consuelo Foundation, one of which is Safe Haven Community Center and Children’s Home, employ integrative approaches that not only focus on the child as an individual, but the child’s whole environment and community, too.  

Through the partnership of Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation, MAGIS Creative Spaces has served in fruitful collaboration with Safe Haven Community Center and Children’s Home to offer expressive arts psychosocial groups for children, and individualized home therapy programs focused on occupational and speech therapy interventions. To date, MAGIS therapists and expressive arts facilitators have worked with 18 children, alongside supporting house parents in complementary care and follow-through of sessions in the home environment.

In a program with multi-faceted objectives such as this is, the expressive arts focuses on socio-emotional development and integrating learning, feeling, and healing experiences.

Safe Haven is a gem of an example that the family and the home play crucial parts in the development and healing of children. More than an orphanage or institution, Safe Haven is designed to deeply foster growth through holistic, child-centered care. MAGIS’ own program thrives in collaboration with the purposeful and loving home environment they offer to the children that come into their safe space.

This program was made possible through the partnership of:

To learn more about the work of Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation, visit their website and follow their updates and online events on Facebook.

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