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Art Therapy in Asia (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

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A limited number of this 2012 publication will be available for sale at this workshop. This book is a fantastic resource for those interested in the growing practice of Art Therapy in Asia.  Gina Alfonso co-wrote the chapter Art Therapy and Disaster Relief in the Philippines, detailing art therapy as an intervention in the aftermath of Typhoon Reming in Bicol, which resulted in 1000 deaths in November 2006.

As art therapy rapidly makes its mark across Asia, this book documents how the field of art therapy is taking shape as both a profession and a discipline in this region. It looks at how art therapists in Asia are assimilating Western models and adapting them to create unique home-grown practices.

Building on theory, research and practice that has been developed in the West, practitioners throughout Asia are creating innovative art therapy programs that reflect cultural diversity and draw on ideas from Chinese medicine and Eastern philosophy, spirituality and art traditions. With chapters from leading art therapists and community artists in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, China, India, The Philippines and Singapore, this book pulls together thought-provoking perspectives and effective approaches from which East and West can both learn.

–  from Publisher website

Riding the Dragon: 10 lessons for inner strength in challenging times (2003, 2012, Sorin Books)

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A special 2015 edition of this well-loved, bestselling title by Dr. Robert J. Wicks was printed by Jesuit Communications, when he visited the Philippines as a plenary speaker for self-care in 2015’s BOUNCEA limited number of copies is still available at MAGIS.

“Don’t try to slay your dragons, learn to ride them!” Drawing on Eastern and Western traditions, psychologist Robert Wicks emboldens readers to face life’s difficulties—the “dragons” that escape from the cave. Readers will find guidance and encouragement to engage problems as a means to growth and transformation, to ride their dragons rather than slay them or drive them back into their cave. Wicks fashions ten simple lessons on identifying and confronting the everyday dragons readers meet: from engaging darkness to finding simplicity to keeping perspective.

– from Author website

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