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We believe there is more than one way to approach wellbeing and psychosocial development. This belief has been honed and continues to evolve especially because of our work with children. Children today live in a complex and volatile world that is unknown to our own childhood experiences. The way children are supported needs to evolve, too. Our work with the partner centers of Consuelo Foundation, one of which is Safe Haven Community Center and Children’s Home, employ integrative approaches that not only focus on the child as an individual, but the child’s whole environment and community, too.  

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The Aesthetics of Self-Care for Social Workers

Through the support of the Agustin and Beatriz Jereza Memorial Foundation, Dean Rose Sequitin of University of Southern Philippines partnered with MAGIS Creative Spaces to offer her graduating social work students a learning opportunity that introduced the expressive arts as an approach to both professional self-care and professional social work practice, describing that it would be the first course of its kind to be offered in Philippine Social Work education. Over the course of 3 months, the last quarter of the school year, MAGIS worked with the graduating students through the program Aesthetics of Self-Care, running two batches of the full program, and a half-day program and debriefing with the course leaders. 

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