Payment Options

All payments to MAGIS Creative Spaces go to the following account:

BPI Current Account
Account Name: MAGIS Creative Spaces, Inc.
Account Number: 8291-0114-12

Proof of payment may be sent to:
Viber: 0927 950 4745

Pay Online – BPI Online Banking
  1. Log on to your BPI Mobile app
  2. Select the account you wish to transfer money from
  3. Select “Transfer”
  4. Enter the amount to be paid
  5. Select “Transfer to 3rd Party”
  6. Enter MAGIS account number
  7. Follow instructions to finalize the funds transfer
  8. For proof of payment: screenshot the page that says ‘Transfer Money was successful!’ in the app, or forward the Fund Transfer Confirmation email you received in your email inbox.
Pay Online – GCash
  1. Log on to your GCash app (This guide takes you setting up GCash for the first time)
  2. Ensure there is enough available balance in your account to make a payment
    1. Guide to Cash In from BDO
    2. Other ways to transfer funds to your GCash account
  3. Select “Bank Transfer”
  4. Select BPI
  5. Enter the amount to be paid
  6. Enter our Account Name and Account Number
  7. Enter your email under “send receipt to” for your own records
  8. For proof of payment: screenshot the page that confirms the money is being transferred and send to MAGIS’ Viber, or forward the email receipt
Pay in person – Cash or check
  • Cash payments may be made at the Cashier window at the Center.
    • For clients paying for session packages, please bring your latest billing statement for the Cashier’s reference.
    • If no one is present at the Cashier window (usually after 4 PM), payment may be made with the MAGIS Office.
  • Checks should be made payable to: MAGIS Creative Spaces, Inc.