Open Art Talks with Coeli: How music holds space for me

Alongside Open Studio, we’re happy to share this new series called Open Art Talks.  This series focuses on talking about art and wellbeing by inviting artists who practice their craft for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. We hope to encourage conversation about this topic and bridge opportunities between our community and artists who have an advocacy for caring and holding space.

In our first Open Art Talks, we’re having a chat with musician and mental health advocate Coeli. For Coeli, music has embodied her process of coping – and she has been humbled by the opportunity to witness how her music has helped others with their own process of coping, too. Join us as we talk about how music holds space for her, and in listening to some of Coeli’s music live.

Event details

Friday, September 4 2020

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The talk will be held in a secure Zoom meeting session.

Registration Fee

Free – registration required


About the artist

Coeli, pronounced as (Che-li), has been active as a singer-songwriter and cellist since 2015. She enhanced her craft in songwriting when she joined Ryan Cayabyab’s Elements National Singing Songwriting camp back in 2013. Her debut EP, HERE TODAY was released back in April 2018, including her song, “Puno” featuring Clara Benin.

She’s also currently a freelance Early Childhood Music Teacher and an active independent advocate for mental wellness, and has been involved in various projects and campaigns since 2018.