listen to yourself.

Music Therapy addresses a range of behavioral, emotional, and other clinical issues using music, sound and counseling as the medium for therapy.

Music Therapy is a process in which a psychologist encourages wellbeing and healing through the intentional use of musical instruments, movement and rhythm, and the performing and visual arts. Music Therapy at MAGIS is available for all ages, and group or family therapy is also available.

  1. Process thoughts, memories, mindsets, and themes
  2. Open new avenues of non-verbal communication
  3. Increase/enhance capacity to cope in challenging situations
  4. Develop self-regulation and self-identity
  5. Develop/process natural responses sensorimotor and auditory stimuli


Beginning Therapy

These therapies begin with an initial evaluation, which concludes with an evaluation meeting with the client (client’s parents if client is below 18). A number of sessions will be recommended, in which goals are set to be achieved.