Dear You,

To our dear community of friends, students, parents, families,

Thank you for being part of our year the past year! Whether you have been with us for a short or long time, it would not have been the same without you.

Journeying in creativity, discovery, and healing and the stories that emerge from it are what make our work worthwhile.  Both individually and collectively, we certainly have learned so much from the students and clients who have come through and continue to come through our spaces.

This year, we are looking forward to preparing and experiencing more creative spaces and moments with you all. We’ll be reaching more people, going to new places, making deep connections.

We ended January strong with our Programs Team running The Aesthetics of Self-Care with University of Southern Philippines Foundation, and preparing for more workshops and events for the Philippine Heart Center, Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Brain Institute in our neighborhood of Muntinlupa City, and the East Asian Pastoral Institute in Quezon City. MAGIS HQ at The Learning Child School was also busy with Open Studio days with Sarah Arellano Taekwondo (January 31) and Engineering for Kids (February 7, 14); and we joined the School at SmartKids Asia Philippines’ annual educational fair at SMX Convention Center (January 27 – 28).

We hope you join us. Whether it’s through a workshop, a regular class or service, visiting an event, or through volunteering, we would love to run with you in this pursuit of wellbeing through creativity and the arts. There hasn’t been a better time for us as a society and as a country to give mental wellbeing the compassionate attention it deserves.

What have you been up to this month? How can we help?

The MAGIS Team


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Thriving Creatively: The promise of art for healing

“Each of us has the right to be here. Each of us has a place in this circle and a reason for being here now.” she said.  With so many different journeys that led to the one moment, it was crucial to establish a sense of safety and belonging at the very beginning.
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Aesthetics of Self-Care

MCSN-Jan-feat-ascusp.pngOur Programs Team was in Cebu this last January 27-28, to launch Aesthetics of Self-Care with the Social Work Department of the University of Southern Philippines. A second run will be happening in February. The program intends to address stress management, compassion fatigue, and cultivate self-care practices for helping professionals.

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We’ve joined the conversationMCSN-Jan-feat-twitter-02.png

One of our resolutions for this year was to connect with more people. We’re finally on Twitter! Join us, say hello, join the conversation.






Last year, we began a mindfulness series that intends to gently interrupt your social media feed for a minute of meditation. Check out the collection so far on our website, or better yet, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find it fresh on your feed.

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