Head On Groups

We’re here for you.

Do you need time for self-care? Do you need to discover your own resilience? We can help you do that through artful and meaningful ways of expression, listening, and holding space.

Spinning off from the community that is growing with our Head On talk series, Head On Groups aim to sustain that community by providing you with space to breathe, play, create, discover, and rest, through monthly group sessions.

It is our mission that these sessions enrich your regular work rhythm as a professional, through creative activities, and psychosocial support, and fostering good sense of community.


  1.  To cultivate a sense of mutual support, help and friendship in the group
  2.  To promote awareness and encourage acceptance in the community
  3.  To connect individuals facing similar challenges and provide them a space to share personal experiences, feelings and coping strategies
  4.  To provide a safe space for individuals to express themselves and learn from each other in an artful and creative way

Contact us to run this program for your group.