Head On Chats: Shaping Futures from Home

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Head On Talks goes online with Head On Chats and explores important discussions to navigate our time as a society dealing with community quarantine and a public health emergency. Aside from physical sustenance, shelter, and hygiene, we are also coping with managing our mental wellbeing, sense of safety, and emotional hygiene. The Head On Talks Series started in 2018 promoting a culture of understanding, acceptance, and responsibility for mental health.

A child’s home life has always had a big impact on their development. At the height of the pandemic and with schools beginning to reopen with different modes of learning available to their students, this home life is changing. The home is called to be a conducive space for recreational activities alone and with family, the learning of children, and the work of parents. With many activities happening under one roof, how can we ensure that our children are still able to learn and grow in the best way they can?

From a psychological and behavioral perspective, Psychologist Michael Jimenez talks about the changes children are going through because of the pandemic, what long-term effects this period may have on child development, and how families and teachers can support the growth of their children through this challenging time.

Event details

Friday, August 21 2020

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The talk will be held in a secure Zoom meeting session.

Registration Fee

Free – registration required


About the speaker

Michael U. Jimenez, LPT, RPsy, RN, MBA, Dip OD, MA PSy
Michael Jimenez is a Registered Psychologist, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Professional Teacher, with additional post-graduate qualifications in Organizational Development, and Clinical Psychology. In 2017, he ranked Top 4 for the Psychologist Licensure Examinations. Michael is a resource speaker for mental health, psychology, and education, and has travelled widely all over the Philippines to serve both government institutions and private companies alike, in the fields of service, pharmaceuticals, education, manufacturing, maritime, healthcare.

Joining the discussion

Rea C. Villa, RPsy
Rea is a registered psychologist and faculty member at Southville International Schools and Colleges where she also obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Aside from individual therapy services, her experience includes administering assessments, facilitating workshops and seminars, and conducting research. Her background in athletics also highlights her passion for personal development and social change through education, the empowerment of the youth through sport, and activating communities for social impact.