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We offer culturally-relevant, client-centered, and non-intrusive therapeutic approaches, in collaboration with psychiatrists for pharmacotherapy where applicable.

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Expressive Arts Therapies

Expressive arts is an approach to psychotherapy where the arts are at the center of the healing process. A trained clinician helps you rediscover your inherent capacity to create and self-heal.

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Psychological Assessments

We offer assessments that help you understand your strengths and areas where you need most support, and talk to you about how these assessments can help you in your journey.

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Duyan support groups are offered to groups to help them cope with stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout. As a group session, Duyan groups utilize the potential of community to empower individuals, while also providing sufficient professional support from a team of mental health clinicians and psychosocial group facilitators.

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what is the expressive arts approach?

Expressive arts is an approach to therapy, psychosocial support, education, coaching, organizational development, peace-building, and social transformation that puts creativity at the center of human experience.

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