Expressive Arts Programs

Our programs offer healing, creative, safe spaces of care to honor every individual’s and community’s inherent capacity to heal, grow, and transform his or her life. Our programs are trauma-informed and therapeutic-practice-based, and facilitated by dynamic teams with diverse backgrounds and trained in the expressive arts. We are staunch advocates for the power of an arts-oriented approach to self-care, mental wellness, and resilience.

Duyan expressive arts support groups

Duyan is an expressive arts wellbeing support group. Led by mental health clinicians, this is your space to be if you’re stressed or burnt out, or experiencing anxiety, worry, or depression.

Aesthetics of Self-Care

Aesthetics of Self-Care is a wellbeing program that focuses on building personal psychosocial skills for self-care. It introduces the concept of self-care and employs an expressive arts approach to starting a self-care practice, applicable to both home life and work life. (Read about a project)

Thriving with CARE

Thriving with CARE is an integrated skills-building and wellbeing program, designed to equip participants with basic trauma-informed counseling skills for their work with different clients. Focused on the practice of human service professionals (mentors, social workers, counselors, HR practitioners, teachers, therapists), Thriving with CARE uses the expressive arts approach for providing psychosocial support.

Open Studio

Open Studio at MAGIS is a regular space and time to explore and cultivate a personal creative process. We created this space with the belief that the expressive arts can help reintegrate the therapeutic capacity in our day-to-day, through our personal experiences, the experience of community, and journeying with others.

Art Therapy 101

Art Therapy 101 is a one-day introductory workshop about the healing practice of the expressive arts. Learn about and experience the arts in a new way through a blend of lectures, case studies, and experiential learning.

Art Recollection

Online group sessions to provide space for participants to grow in a spiritual practice and to find its relevance to life, for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing wellbeing (rooted in Catholic scripture). The idea is to pause, pray, and play through the art to find joy and hope, even in difficult times, through a relationship with God.

Creative classes for children

Creative studios are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camp Create


Arts and Crafts