Expressive Arts Philippines Network

The EXA Philippines Network was formed in 2013 during the first visit of Expressive Arts Pioneers Margo and Paolo Knill to the Philippines.  Their visit included a gathering of art enthusiasts from the region and in the Philippines where artists, therapists, psychologists, educators, and various professionals came together to learn about the transformative and rejuvenating nature of the expressive arts. Through social media, the Network has been fortunate to hold a community of many artists and practitioners, that continues to stay connected with opportunities for creative expression, healing, and self-discovery by sharing their resources and work.

The network is managed by MAGIS Creative Spaces Inc., with pioneering convenors: expressive arts therapist and mental health consultant Gina Alfonso; organizational development practitioner and musician Kathy Ponce; artist and educator Amos Manlangit; and dance/movement therapist Joey Atayde.

EXA Philippines has a vision to grow the expressive arts practice in the country by being a platform that connects practitioners who are interested to participate in advocating for the use of arts-based programs in different environments, industries and contexts. By building communities of practice, EXA Philippines hopes to make knowledge and resources available to its members through educational events, research consortiums, publications and partnerships.

These initiatives aim to also globalize the rich cultural heritage of the Philippine arts and its indigenous roots in natural healing. In the spirit of pakikipagkapwa (shared identity in a community) through educational and immersive experiences EXA Philippines hopes to be a sustainable platform for learning exchanges that can bring impact to Philippine society and the world.

POIESIS, EXA Philippines’ maiden event, which brought Expressive Arts co-founders Paolo J. Knill and Margo Fuchs-Knill to the Filipino community in October 2013.