Dance/Movement Therapy

let’s move.

DMT involves the integration of movement as a medium for non-verbal communication and expression during a psychotherapy session.  In therapy, dance and movement are used as scientifically-based somatic, body-centered non-intrusive approaches that engage individuals in the process of healing, facilitating the discovery or re-connection with ones embodied self.

The MAGIS Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) holds an advanced degree in dance therapy and movement therapy and is a registered mental health clinician.  She helps address behavioral, emotional and other clinical issues by encouraging body-mind-spirit integration, relatedness, body awareness, expanding the movement repertoire, and developing self-confidence and self-identity.

Some goals of Dance/Movement Therapy include:

  1. Body, mind and spirit integration
  2. Relatedness and socialization
  3. Increase body awareness
  4. Expand movement repertoire
  5. Develop self-confidence and self-identity