Behavioral Assessment

Initial Intake (pre-assessment)
The Initial Intake is a 1 – 1.5 h interview with adults and assume one of the following roles: a) caregiver (i.e., biological parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, grandparent, nanny/“yaya”), b) sibling, and/or c) teacher/tutor/service provider. 2 or more interviews may be recommended, based on the daily environment of the child.

Additional points to note for online intake

  1. Interviewee will need stable internet access.
  2. High school aged-clients may join caregivers or teachers in the online initial intake.
  3. Caregivers or teachers will share the client’s development history with Behavior Analyst (BA) and prepare to discuss goals they would like targeted within the next 3 months with the client.

Basic Functional Behavior Assessment
The FBA is an assessment process lasting 3 – 6 weeks that identifies specific behaviors, and analyzes each behavior based on their functions, triggers, and maintaining environmental variables. The outcome of this assessment is a comprehensive report covering the context of the child’s school and home life. A board-certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) conducts the assessment and concludes it with a meeting with the child’s primary caregiver/s.

This assessment can be helpful in identifying factors that could be affecting a child’s progress in general development, education, and taking concrete steps to begin addressing the behavior in ways that are in the best interest of the child and his or her immediate surroundings (e.g. family, classroom).

Additional points to note for online Basic FBA

  1. Interviewee will need stable internet access.
  2. Interviewee will agree to the following behavior data collection strategies to successfully complete the FBA process:
    • Once-a-week synchronous/face-to-face online observations for at least 4 weeks via Zoom or, and/or 
    • Daily asynchronous audio-video recordings/presentation of permanent products for at least 1 week submitted via email or other phone applications. 

Psychological Assessment

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