express yourself.

Ages 4 and up

Art Therapy addresses a range of behavioral, emotional, and other clinical issues using visual arts and counseling as the medium for therapy.

Art Therapy creates a space where the client has the opportunity to engage in a non-verbal exploration of his or her concerns, and make tangible that which is difficult to verbalize. While each session also involves a dialogue, the dynamic between the client, therapist and the art are central to the healing process. Beyond the content of the art, the process of art-making offers clients an opportunity to explore and experiment with various art materials and supplies and shape the work at his or her own pace. This allows for the client to re-connect with his or her capacity for self-determination.

Some goals of Art therapy include:

  1. Creating a safe space for exploration of the individiual or group’s presenting concerns
  2. Explore thoughts, memories, mindsets, and themes
  3. Enhance capacity to articulate thoughts and feelings
  4. Develop self-awareness and self-identity
  5. Develop/process natural responses to tactile and visual stimuli

Beginning Therapy

These therapies begin with an initial evaluation, which concludes with an evaluation meeting with the client (client’s parents if client is below 18). A number of sessions will be recommended, in which goals are set to be achieved.