About Us

MAGIS Creative Spaces is a center for healing and learning through the expressive arts.

As a center, we aim to create spaces of care through the personalized care and concern of our highly professional and trained facilitators and therapists who offer our services and programs. We are staunch advocates for the power of an arts-oriented approach to self-care, mental wellness, and resilience.

MAGIS as a community also aims to increase the accessibility of opportunities for wellbeing to all sectors in society. Our services and programs are designed to enrich the experience of psychosocial interventions for mental and neurodevelopmental health interventions for growth. This is done through a combination of evidence-based, culturally relevant traditional and alternative therapies, and trauma-informed, therapeutic-practice-based programs.


We envision a society where safe, creative and culturally relevant spaces of care for individuals, families, communities and organizations are accessible and affordable to all.