Remembering Bounce

This day last month, we gathered for BOUNCE: Living the Resilient Life. It was a one-day workshop that brought together professionals of varied backgrounds to learn a little bit more about resilience, living fully, and how the expressive arts can encourage this.

Dr. Robert Wicks, travelling to Manila for the first time to be our guest, opened the morning. The perfect balance of strong and humorous, he spoke of resilience and the importance of self-care.

“… We are not in the success business, we are in faithfulness business. We need to look personally and professionally at how we can be faithful to the calling that we have to be present to others.”

The afternoon was led by Nurse Thelma Singson Barrera, leading us into further examination of the reality of stress in our everyday life and work.

Breakout workshops followed. Conducted by Cartwheel Foundation Inc., and IsraAID: The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid, these workshops gave participants immersive experience in how the expressive arts is applied in psychosocial programs in the country. The room was punctuated with sounds of happy chants, reflective silence, laughter, singing, and proclamations of affirmation. The activities from both organizations focused on group interaction, which is particularly important in trust- and peace-building in a community after a traumatic event. This is characteristic of the work that both organizations do: IsraAID works with the community in post-Haiyan Ormoc, and Cartwheel works with indigenous schools in post-disaster and post-conflict areas in the Philippines.

For participants, the day was a welcome space to rest, reflect, and learn something new. Thank you to everyone we met that day, for the opportunity to speak with you and serve you. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
This event could not have happened without the incredibly generous support of our sponsors: the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office; Medichem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. the CNS division of UNILAB; Jackbilt Industries; ABJ Foundation; and Pru Life UK. We are also grateful for the following sponsors who we are honoured to have supported at Bounce as well: The Philippine Neurofeedback Center (Mindworks); National Bookstore; and Derm Factor Essentials.

A limited edition of Riding the Dragon, printed by Jesuit Communications Philippines, is available to purchase with MAGIS for P250.00. Get in touch to reserve a copy today.

If you attended BOUNCE, we would love to hear about your experience. Our feedback form can be accessed here:

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